TK3 Compressor Adapters Addendum

TK3 compressor adapters
This document is intended as a quick help for the selection of the TK3. Users must always verify the correctness of the data here reported with compressor manufacturer/supplier. Teklab is not to be held responsible for errors in this document. Data in this literature is subject to modify without highlighting changes.

Download a PDF with the TK3 Adapter addendum with left-right mounting possibilities (400 Kb)


Look at colours for the TK3 selection
model : no adapter (direct mounting) or 3/4" NPT
model : 1-1/8" - 18 UNEF
model : 3/4/6 holes flange (also as a spacer 50 mm)

Refrigeration compressor brand - Arctic Circle
Compressor family or model
G2; G4; G6

Refrigeration compressor brand - Bitzer
Compressor family or model
4G; 4H; 4J; 4NC; 4NHC-20K; 4PC; 4PHC-15K; 4TC; 4THC-12K; 4VC; 4VHC-10K; 4VNC; 4Z; 6F; 6G; 6H; 6J; 8FC; 8GC; S4; S6;
2CHC-4K; 2DC; 2DHC-3K; 2EC; 2EHC-3K; 2FC; 2FHC-3K; 2GC; 2GHC-2K; 2HC; 2HHC-2K; 2JC; 2JHC-07K; 2KC; 2KHC-05K; 4CC; 4CHC-9K; 4DC; 4DHC-7K; 4EC; 4EHC-6K; 4FC; 4FHC-5K; 4KTC-10K

Refrigeration compressor brand - Bock
Compressor family or model
HA 4;HA 5; HA6; HG 4; HG 5; HG 6; HG 7; HG 8; HGX4/310-4; HGX4/385-4; HGX4/464-4; HGX4/555-4
HA12; HA22; HA34; HG12; HG22; HG34; HGX12P/40-4; HGX12P/50-4; HGX12P/60-4; HGX12P/75-4; HGX22P/110-4; HGX22P/125-4; HGX22P/160-4; HGX22P/190-4; HGX34P/215-4; HGX34P/555-4

Refrigeration compressor brand - Carrier
Compressor family or model

Refrigeration compressor brand - Copeland
Compressor family or model
4CC; 6CC; D2; D3; D4; D6.H; D6.S; D9; DM

Refrigeration compressor brand - Dorin
Compressor family or model
K Series (except the listed for adapter 1); SCC500 B; SCC750 B; SCC1500 B; SCC1900 B; SCC2000 B; SCC2500 B; SCS340 D; SCS351 D; SCS362 D; SCS373 D; SCS385 D; SCS3K8 D; H Series(except the listed for adapter 1)
H1; K100CC; K100CS; K150CC; K150CS; K180CC; K180CS; K200CC; K230CS; K235CC; K240SB; K400CC; K50CS; K75CC; K75CS; SCC250 B; SCC300 B ; SCC350 B; SCC380 B

Refrigeration compressor brand - Frascold
Compressor family or model
A; A-SK; B; D; D-SK; F; F-SK; Q-SK; S; S-SK; V; W; Z

Refrigeration compressor brand - Prestcold
Compressor family or model
P2; P3; P4; P6; P8; P9

Refrigeration compressor brand - L'Unité Hermerique
Compressor family or model

Refrigeration compressor brand - Maneurope
Compressor family or model

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